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>> Thursday, May 19, 2011

i've been working on expanding my jewelry line as of late - i've had some time to try some new ideas and i'm pretty happy with the results.  not that there haven't been a few glitches along the way (it seems that i am one of those people who needs to make their own mistakes instead of learning from the mistakes of others.  sigh.)

i will now be carrying these whisper-thin, rustic and organic nose rings in my shop!  they are available in sterling, 14K gold filled and rose gold filled versions, as well as in two different gauges (18 and 20).  i actually asked my friend Lisa to test drive them for me because, while i do wish i had a nose ring, i tend to scar easily and am pretty convinced that i would probably end up with a huge wound instead of a nose piercing. ( so not hot. )  thank you, Lis - for testing these and being my model - and for letting me pay you in jewelry.


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