The ETSY Baby Shower!

>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

some of the sellers on ETSY do this wonderful baby shower for new mommies who also belong to the ETSY community! although the mini-muffin will arrive too late to be a recipient at this shower, i was totally honoured to give a gift to the fabulous jemjoop ( who just had her third son! her nest egg necklace is pictured above... three little blue eggs, one for each boy in her brood!
each seller who participated donated an item to a new ETSY mommy, and a virtual shower was held yesterday. yay mommies and babies!

a gift guide currently celebrates everyone who donated something - so go take a look!


Bye Bye, Navel Ring...

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i got my belly button pierced about 15 years ago, and have only taken it out two times - once on our honeymoon after the husband accidentally broke the original ring, and the second time when i replaced that replacement with one like the ring in the upper right hand corner of the photo here.

today i removed it with my favorite jeweler's pliers (wow, who knew i'd be using them for this type of "operation"!) because my belly is getting quite round and it was starting to itch. and god forbid i wake up one morning with it still in the sheets!!!!!!!! let's hope that i'll be able to put it back in after the baby comes!

today i also go for my glucose test at the lab - gestational diabetes and all. because it's a test that requires fasting, i'm starving!!!!!!!!!! any suggestions for keeping my mind off my hunger??


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