the long december.

>> Thursday, December 6, 2012

still had a little time to make this lovely stack of twisted rings, yum
srsly, how did it get to be december already?  even though things in the little shop have slowed down considerably since the new baby arrived, time seems to be flying by.  i've been settling into the middle-aged-stay-at-home-housewife routine quite nicely (even though my mom says i need to dust more - pffft) and it seems like my days are filled with cooking, unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry and minding to the demands of the toddler and the newborn.  sort of blissful in a way, but also a little mind-numbing in that the days are starting to blend into one another.  i will admit that it is nice having a little comforting routine though, and the girls have definitely settled me down a bit.  not having to rush is very very nice. 
we have been struggling with a stubborn cold - the baby definitely has a lingering stuffy nose and chest congestion and i fear she has caught another cold on top of the one she had - but it's also given us the opportunity to stay in, watch the snow fall and do some arts and crafts.  the mini and i have been working on her letter to santa and drawings to include on the gifts to family - and i have been slowly but surely accumulating items to stuff their stockings with. 
it's hard to believe that in a short year, i will be back in the office.  eeeek.


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