trading in urban for suburbia

>> Saturday, March 27, 2010

we've decided that we're going to sell our house. this lovely, crooked, quirky, downtown house, our first, and the only home the mini has ever known. but it's too noisy here (the mini imitates the sirens as they go by the house - and believe me, they go by A LOT.) probably too small (especially if we are going to try to have another baby) and too far away from my parents', who will be taking care of her when i go back to work in a month.

i'm trading in being a hardcore "urbanite" to move back to the neighbourhood where i grew up. kind of ironic - when i grew up and moved away, i meant to never go back. and here we are, going to look at a house today that is 5 minutes away from the neighbourhood where i spent 18 years of my childhood.

i wonder if the mini will miss peering through the windows at the traffic on our busy street. i know i will.


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