jerseymaids. an end and new beginning!

>> Saturday, June 18, 2011

so i am officially jealous.  my beautiful and talented friend lauren from jerseymaids (incidentally the inspiration behind my wedding ring collection) is bravely taking the plunge and making her art her full time job.  i can't imagine the joy she felt handing in her resignation and knowing that come july 1st, she is going to be FREE to create and inspire others!  and she is going to succeed like no tomorrow - because she is talented, sweet and so deserves all the best in the world.  she is having a celebratory giveaway on her blog - which i better win, natch - and you should enter too.  you can check it out here - but remember, i'm going to win it anyways.

lauren - i am wishing you all the best in your artistic endeavor.  you are one of the sweetest people i know that you worked hard to get here, baby!  cheers!!!!!!!!


high school, much?

was thinking about being back in high school yesterday - for some reason it kind of felt that way. not that this song was originally released when i was a teenager (come on!) but i remember going to see this MOVIE with my best friend in the theatre when it came out. and of course, every girl has done this dance in their room while waiting for their dream boy to come and pick them up. right?  high school sweethearts!  the rosy flush of new love!  your first broken heart!  (of course i WOULDN'T go back there - but it would be fun to visit.)


thank you, heartsy!

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the last two days have seriously been a frenzy, thanks to the fabulous feature and sale that heartsy hosted for me!  all 75 vouchers i offered up were sold!  ($16 x 75... well, you do the math!)  i am so thankful - and now a little overwhelmed at the amount of work.  but i'm up to the challenge! 

a million thanks to everyone who supported me by purchasing a voucher - and to team muffintop (especially the mini) who backed me up!

and now... goodbye, sleep!  at least till i dig out from under! 


darling i do - or, i heart shrek

so the other day, i found myself alone in the basement, working on filling ring orders, watching shrek 3. why? i don't know. i've always had a soft spot i suppose for his ogre-ish-ness, and the sweet story of how he saved princess fiona. plus i think that the whole dreamworks/pixar/disney conglomerate is genius. i've been playing this one over and over - nothing like metalwork, an open flame, and a ballad inspired by a monster romance.


excited but overwhelmed

>> Tuesday, June 14, 2011

so my heartsy deal is up!  well, for VIPs anyways.  and i already have some orders!  you can check me out here - 

i should have taken the day off!!!!!!!! 


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