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>> Friday, March 16, 2012

so the little venture known as the "daily dose of handmade" that julie and i started is not so little anymore!  we are on our 4th round of shop features and our subscriber list just keeps getting larger by the day!  so to sweeten the deal, we started our win-it-wednesday giveaway feature!  and i get to kick it all off with my sterling knot ring!  you can enter to win just by subscribing to the daily dose newsletter and following the blog!  check out all the details here!!!!!

we are also always looking for people to do giveaways and features!  we have also opened up the blog for advertising if any one is interested!  you can email us at


drew & the artisan group.

in the hopes of raising my public profile, i followed julie's suggestion (it seems like all my business decisions are made by her lately, LOL) and threw my application in the ring to join the exclusive "artisans' group", an exclusive collection of handmade artists.  what the artisan group does is provide handmade artists the opportunity to have their items shown off at high end, celebrity events (yes, like the oscars, and the emmys, and... well, you get the drift!)  they also send gift bags to celebrities, showcasing the best of handmade.  how could i not?

beyond my wildest hopes, i was almost immediately accepted and, surpassing those wildest hopes, i now find myself brainstorming something to make for drew.  drew barrymore.  THE drew barrymore. star of some of my favorite movies (wedding singer! charlie's angels! never been kissed!)  and while i am realistic and know that there is not a huge chance (well, probably not a snowball's chance in the hot LA sun, honestly) that she will wear my designs and end up on the pages of instyle magazine (yet another dream!) this might get me just a little bit closer to where i want to be! 

(now, what to make.... a stack of rings? earrings? hmmm, i wonder if i should send her a tattoo...)


march breaking.

>> Monday, March 12, 2012

thank goodness for vacation time!  i have a blissful week off with the mini and it has been relatively joyous so far despite the fact that she seems to be slowly phasing out her nap (so much for dreams of me cuddling up with her under the covers and sleeping the afternoons away).  today we had a chance to enjoy some of the unseasonably warm weather and head out to the park.  too bad some ill-timed precipitation rained on our parade.  oh well.  there is always tomorrow.

it's also given me some time - not much, mind you - to get caught up on orders and ship them out.  so for once in a long time, there are no pending orders on my worktable or in the acid bath or the tumbler.  think it's time for some new ideas...


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