box of stones.

>> Friday, January 20, 2012

someone once asked me why i tend to like "sad b*stard" music. well, mostly, (allegedly), i am an abnormally peppy-type person (goth cheerleader, remember?), and i guess songs like this make me feel kind of a lovely, bittersweet, twisty yearning. the very british benjamin francis leftwich makes songs just like that - it doesn't hurt that he is a lyrical genius from york, england, who cites the fantastic arcade fire as an inspiration.

(and yes, i do have a sad b*stard playlist going. if you want me to send it to you, i can.)


looking for you again.

>> Thursday, January 19, 2012

matthew perryman jones has a beautiful voice, an ear for lyrics, and a visually enchanting website. if only i could design websites like that! (or write songs like this, for that matter. sigh.) i am also impressed by the fact that the guy, after releasing his first album, dropped everything to move to nashville, TN to pursue his music full time.  gutsy, artsy, and super cool.

this song is absolutely stunning and all week has played quietly in the background as i do my menial office work. and you can download it for free from mpj right here!


these boots are made for walkin'. and kicking butt.

>> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

me & my boots, y'all.
i love shoes, just as much as the next chick out there.  and boots are my downfall.  this winter, i was able to get my hands on some lovely 'leanne' doc martens that definitely don't look like traditional docs (which i still love) but are the perfect blend of everything i love in a boot.  tall, black, leather, laced up AND zipped, with a RUBBER wedge heel.  and best of all, these babies are just as comfortable as any flat boot that i already own.  seriously.  i can walk all day in these and my feet don't hurt in the least - and they don't make any noise on the office tile floors.  a splurge, most definitely yes.  but, hopefully, like all the other pairs i own, these will last for years and years!!!!  thank you, doctor!


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