still here. still waiting.

>> Saturday, October 27, 2012

yup, i'm still here, still waiting for this baby to make his/her appearance... and it looks like this kid is taking his/her sweet time!  which is okay - just uncomfortable.  i haven't been venturing far from the house, just in case something happens, which has given me some time to work on some of the designs that have ended up in my sketchbook.  i'm loving the geometric linear-ness of the open hoops in the photo above, and think that they might be my new favorites!  a little bit new wave, a little bit minimalist, they are lightweight and really quite stunning, if i do say so myself!


we are in love. with silver.

>> Tuesday, October 23, 2012

yup. i'm still here.  still brainstorming ideas.  here is the latest, hormone-fueled, emotionally charged pair of earrings - the newest addition to my 'we are in love' collection.  check them out HERE!



>> Monday, October 22, 2012

it seems like these days, i've been sitting here waiting. waiting for the baby to come (yup, we're 6 days till my due date - unlike his/her sister, this baby doesn't seem to be in a rush to come on out). waiting for EI to kick in. waiting for jewelry to come out of the tumbler (which is hit or miss these days - for some reason, it isn't working as well as it used to but what do i expect from a 6 year old rock tumbler that runs almost daily).  waiting for the post office to open.  waiting for my pre-holiday shipment of precious metal.  (yippee!!)  waiting for people to text or BBM or email me back. but it's teaching me patience, and giving me the opportunity to get things done around the house.   and discover - and rediscover - good music.  maybe this baby will come out dancing.


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