the power of one.

>> Thursday, December 29, 2011

they say that the true test of a person's character is if one is content with who one is, without the influence of other people, without any encumbrances.  apparently, the 'epiphany of true happiness' is being happy alone with oneself.  in other words, if you are someone you'd hang out with, then you're set.

i can't say that i'm 100% content with being by myself - at first, it's great, but after a while, i end up talking to myself.  and when i'm away from the mini too long, i miss her.  however, i've been making my skinny stacking rings in quantity for some time, and i have forgotten how lovely they are on their own.  just one skinny ring is minimal, modern, super cool, silvery, luminous, thin and gorgeous.  want one?


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