sliding doors.

>> Sunday, March 27, 2011

i'm sitting here in my super sunny living room watching that gwyneth paltrow movie "sliding doors".  while definitely NOT my favorite gwyneth movie, there is something about the gray british esthetic (anyone up for a trip to the pub?) the absolute sweetness of john hannah, and the concept that one moment in your life can change it's direction forever.

sometimes i wonder if things would have been different if i didn't get into grad school.  if i had chosen to move to toronto instead of montreal.  if i had decided to take another job offer instead of the one i was offered at the place i have worked now for over 10 years.  if the husband and i had chosen different hospitals to do our respective internships in.  if we hadn't lost the baby the year before we got pregnant with the mini.  if i had chosen the "green tea" CR-V instead of the black one.  if i had taken jewelry making in school instead of fine art. 

however, part of me thinks that, like in "sliding doors", you can't escape destiny and some things are just truly meant to be.  hmmmmm.  definitely food for thought.


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