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>> Thursday, November 3, 2011

unbeknownst to me, (probably because i live in a little bubble world filled with 'imagination movers' and 'dora the explorer' and my torch) blink-182 dropped their latest album 'neighborhoods' in september. their first release in, like, 8 years and i missed it.   i LOVE blink-182.  like, love love love them.  (yeah, i know - guitar-playing tattooed dudes.  whatever.)  of course when i figured it out (i started listening to the radio again on my commute because S and i love the dean blundell show on the Edge) i immediately downloaded it.  and so far, this one is my favorite.  love the melody - yup, it's formulaic blink but that's what makes it great - and as always, the lyrics appeal to the teenaged-angster within me.

thanks, boys.  you still have a fan in this middle aged groupie.  and the fact that you played this live in montreal rocks even more.


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