monolith. and the bud wishbones.

>> Sunday, October 30, 2011

 i've been working on some new designs as well as some new photo backdrops (gotta keep it interesting, right?) so i'm showing off some of this weekend's results.  the picture above is of my "monolith" band in sterling silver - seriously shiny and seriously gorgeous in its imperfect state. 

these argentium sterling bud wishbone earrings are really complemented by these beach stones, collected on that super sunny day a few weeks ago on the shores of lake ontario.  i love the juxtaposition of the curve of the metal against the pitted surfaces of the rocks.

i've been using my old olympus fe-20 because somehow, in the last few days, either myself or the mini has misplaced my fantastic black samsung sl-102 somewhere in our house.  with the usb cord and everything.  sigh.  however, i do admit that this camera can't be beat for it's super macro setting.  delicious.


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