For the Love of Denny...

>> Saturday, July 18, 2009

my wonderful friend Laurie has been helping me get caught up on my favorite shows, now that i spend most of my time sitting on the couch breastfeeding the mini. i made it through all of the episodes of "Sex and the City" - and the movie - thanks to her! so now, i'm motoring through Grey's Anatomy! i have been an avid watcher since it started (my other friend Vet said that she got addicted because apparently the Sandra Oh character reminds her of me), but when i got pregnant, i was usually in bed by the time it came on.
i'm currently on Season Two. the one where Denny Duquette makes his entrance. oh Denny! seriously, i can't look at him without tearing up. i am definitely NOT a fan of the whole "ghost" storyline the writers gave him this season (the husband thinks it was just godawful and HATES seeing Denny), but just thinking about how much he loved Izzy just makes my heart ache. maybe it's the hormones. i know i should be trying to sleep - the mini is not sleeping through the night, thursday night was definitely a fluke, sigh! - but i'm glued to the tv.

i guess it's better than watching "twilight" for the 20th time. oh wait, i could do that too...
(why are they standing in a field? very unsanitary.)


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