the legend of the puzzle ring.

>> Wednesday, March 23, 2011

for a while now, i have been making these intertwined rolling "puzzle" rings - in a combination of sterling, copper and brass.  my version is a simple one of course, but the history of these rings is rich, somewhat misogynistic, and skeweredly romantic.  and it was quite the puzzle on the manufacturing side of things to figure out how to solder the rings together in the right order so that they fit together properly.

all the legends imply that the ring originated long ago possibly somewhere in Turkey where a king or nobleman had it designed as a wedding ring for his beautiful wife (hence the term "turkish wedding ring") .  the ring itself was made up of many pieces and was so intricate that if she ever took the ring off (with the intention of being unfaithful to him while he was away slaying dragons or going to the office, i suppose) , it would be almost impossible for her to put it back together without him - because he was the one with the solution.  kind of romantic, i guess, but i really do hope that he had one made for himself so that she would have had a similar guarantee of fidelity.  and perhaps they could have also worked on their communication skills.  but that's another discussion altogether.

nowadays, puzzle rings are used as a symbol of love, usually given as a promise ring, wedding band, or token of affection.  the more intricate ones usually come with the "solution" so that if one does find themselves hopelessly befuddled, the ring can be put back together.  my version is (obviously) a more simple one - just three rings linked together, allowing the wearer to roll it back and forth over their finger, which is the perfect distraction during boring meetings or family reunions.  and while it is definitely not a guarantee of anyone's fidelity, i can pretty much guarantee that my rings will be cherished.

on that note - talking about love... nothing like a little pop song to start off the day.

the smittens.  100 roses.  because that's darn romantic.


Anonymous,  March 23, 2011 at 6:06 PM  

thanks for sharing the story! i had no idea that there was a history like that behind those rings.

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