i drove all night.

>> Thursday, March 24, 2011

well, not last night i didn't.  however, out of sheer frustration of not being able to sleep and being too tired to do anything else, my mind wandered to thoughts of driving, which is probably one of my most favorite things to do.  (this insomnia is becoming a theme, methinks!)

family vacations with my parents meant countless long drives in the car, (nyc, minneapolis, and even once, florida)  packed with snacks and cassettes of my dad's favorites - the product of weeks of compliling before our departure date.  kenny rogers, don mclean, anne murray... all minstrels who probably fed my kind-of-secret love for country music.  then there were the beach boys, tom jones (you go, dad!) and of course, elvis.  my dad prefers to drive at nighttime, when there is less traffic, less distractions, and the quiet blanket of darkness.  most of the time he and i used to stay up alone while the rest of the family slept, driving, talking and listening to his favorites.

i too prefer to drive under the cover of darkness.  not so long ago, my workweek consisted of over 40 hours of driving - some for the job and some for the commute - and most of it in late afternoon into twilight.  i also have a thing for fast cars - call me a stereotype; tokyo drift, much? - i've torn my way through three honda civic coupes, the last (and my favorite) with a sleek silvery paint job and a dashboard that lit up like a christmas tree at night, all neon chronometer and fiery red numbers.  back when things were also a little less stable at home, there were also long, meandering drives with the sunroof open, and the music loud.

some of my best thinking was - and probably still is - done in the car.  my commute is 30 minutes of nearly highway speed limits and rolling hills, with a minimum number of streetlights and speed traps.  if only i could sketch designs while i drive! most of the time, i am alone with my thoughts, with no distractions (especially if my blackberry is quiet), and music.  i have the feeling that there is a long-distance trucker buried somewhere inside me just waiting to get out.  or maybe cyndi lauper.


Mags,  March 24, 2011 at 7:38 AM  

Sweet post! How many speeding tickets do you have? :)

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