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>> Sunday, March 20, 2011

i hated high school and i'd NEVER go back.  but if i did, i'd tell my awkward, insecure self that everything ends up being okay.  that failing calculus does NOT mean that you won't get a real job.  that one day, you WILL get the guy.  and that life is sometimes as simple as two tickets to iron maiden.  (but why couldn't i have looked  like mena suvari?) 

the absolutely perfect teenage anti-anthem.  take that, guns n roses!

(whatever happened to wheatus anyways?  i sooo love this song.)


Christopher And Tia March 26, 2011 at 7:55 PM  

I saw wheatus at a concert when I was 16. And when I say "saw", I mean, my friends and I begged them to put us on thier guest list to a radio station show that we reeeally wanted to go to, but hadn't gotten tickets for, and it was sold out. I don't remember if it was them, or one of the other bands that ended up getting us in, but I did have them sign a poster for me and it hung on my wall until a few years ago when I threw it away, haha. Whenever I hear this song though, it makes me think about how riciculous my friends and I were, trying to get into that stupid show, haha.

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