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>> Tuesday, August 9, 2011

this weekend, i grabbed some time to put some orders together - and realized i hadn't fired up my torch in a week.  A WEEK!  i don't think that that has happened in a very long time, but recently it has felt that things have been moving a mile a minute (i.e. renovations, entering an apartment after evicting someone and being attacked by fleas, working about 10 hours overtime, and being robbed) and there has been no time to stop and melt anything.  it actually made me a little bit sad because i know that taking a few minutes to make something - or even sketch or research a new design or technique - really helps me center myself.

after everything was resting nicely in the acid bath, i cut some 18 gauge wire and got to making it molten for my new stacking ring design.  based on my open bud hoop earrings (i'm still wearing mine!) these rings are a perfect match!  each of them have a lovely organic feel to them, with a unique texture and look to each of them.  i am a huge fan of artistic randomness, or happy artsy accidents, and because i really don't have much control over the whole melting process, i love how it all turned out.  they are delicate and earthy and modern all at the same time - and also perfect worn individually, or in a huge stack with plain skinny bands.  i think i'm in love!  (again.)


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