moving into grown up territory.

>> Thursday, August 11, 2011

so this week, i think i moved a little closer to becoming a grown up.  the husband and i acquired our very first dining room set.  yes, we've been the owners of small kitchen tables and chairs, but never a real, formal set for a dining room.  and it's made me feel a little more adult.  i was actually worried that this particular set was going to be too large for our not so big dining area (the dining room and living room are sort of combined in our place - i guess "open concept" is the term?) but surprisingly, despite it's size, it fits.  and it suits the house.  the mini loved it on sight and right off the hop, claimed her own seat at the head of the table and will now ONLY eat while seated at this table.  it's the perfect place to do homework, sketch new jewelry designs, or surf the internet with the laptop.  very cool.  and very mature.  i'm sure i'll reach adulthood at some point soon.  i can just feel it.  kind of.


Junie August 12, 2011 at 5:54 AM  

WOW what a beautiful table and chairs !!! May you all be blessed with many a happy GROWN UP (hee hee) family meals !! Hope you are well

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