already another crazy week... and music as crack

>> Thursday, August 4, 2011

so i think i'm cursed.  lol.  i go into work yesterday and while i'm compiling rental ledgers to take to court, i get an automated phone call from one of my credit card companies reporting suspicious activity on my account.  well, the suspicious activity is that i apparently started purchasing cigarettes and phone cards at 5am that same morning (when in reality i was at home getting ready for work.)  long story short, it turns out that someone had rifled through my purse WHILE IT WAS TUCKED UNDER MY DESK IN A BOX FULL OF PAPERS.   thanks, co-workers, for your diligent monitoring of the human traffic coming into our office.  sigh.  L and J were wonderfully outraged for me while i was dealing with the shock and writing up the incident report.  (did you know that in some jurisdictions, you can file on ONLINE police report as long as it's theft under $10K and you don't have a suspect?  seriously, wow.)  anyway, the perpetrator was arrested - thanks to a little amateur sleuthing on my part after court and the help of the police - hello, cute cops!  but i still had to deal with the annoyance of cancelling everything and agreeing to sign affidavits stating that i did not buy those smokes.  (yes, i know, i have the urge to smoke once in a while but definitely not $300 worth.)  but as M so succinctly reminded me later in the afternoon, there are definitely worse things in life and you can only laugh at the stupid things people do.

later on, enjoying a quiet evening of definitely-nothing-more-exciting-than-an-ice-cream-cone-with-the-family, the mini was captivated by this selena gomez song.  and so was i - obviously the songwriters nowadays have culled every fantastic song in the world, plugged it into some computer, which then spit out the perfect formula for a pop song.  i hate the fact that i like this song - but i so love it at the same time.  music as crack.  and now me and my kid are addicted. yay.


Anonymous,  August 4, 2011 at 10:20 PM  

You poor thing...that is so damn disturbing...and now I want to smoke and buy phone cards to call you and tell you how much I love you! (if I wasn't a complete social misfit who can't stand to talk on the phone...yay unlimited texting) xoxo L

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