happy holidays

>> Saturday, June 4, 2011

some people i know are on holiday the next couple of weeks.  i am envious and already missing them like crazy - funny how your work family can be as important as your real family.  the devilish part of me hopes that it rains on them (the few days i had off last week were almost all rainy) but wonderfully, it looks like the long range forecast is beautifully sunshiny.  a very weak positive - at least i'm probably going to get a lot of work done without my biggest distractions hanging out in my office.  sigh.

in honour of holidays, here is the very underrated albert hammond jr.  (yes, i couldn't resist downloading more of his stuff.  i think i'm addicted.)

enjoy the time off!  it's well deserved!  and don't forget to text/email.


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