i will follow you into the dark.

>> Wednesday, June 1, 2011

that ben gibbard is a genius.  having started death cab for cutie by himself and then realizing that he needed some more musicians to fill out the roster, the man is definitely an underrated talent.  and with a band name with roots with the Beatles and pulp fiction novels, how can it not be cooler than cool?  no wonder the actress zooey deschanel agreed to marry the dude.

'i will follow you into the dark' - an ode to existentialism (which, incidentally, was the basis of my masters' thesis), a pledge to undying love, or a simple song musing about what comes after death, i dug this out of my eternal playlist and have been listening to it now for days.  well, that and their cover of the penguins' forever classic "earth angel".  (seriously?  earth angel?  i think i love you even more, ben.)


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