rest in peace.

>> Sunday, May 29, 2011

i don't usually talk too much about work stuff (because my ultimate dream is to no longer have to work at my full time, real life job) but i feel like i need to process a little.  last week, one of our residents was found without vital signs in his apartment.  the causes of his death are unknown at this point, but this young man (and yes, he was young) had a long history of struggle and addiction.  it is even sadder because, in the last two months, he had made huge strides in his life and was moving towards reaching some of his goals.  it makes it more difficult to get my head around his passing because he was doing so well and seemed so happy.

his baby face, soft voice, shy smile and mad computer wizardry skills will be missed.  i really do hope he rests peacefully wherever he is right now.


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