the fear you won't fall. and how i never watch grey's anatomy anymore.

>> Friday, May 27, 2011

L and i used to watch grey's anatomy religiously.  however, i usually am never awake long enough anymore to watch it, and it's no longer "on demand" on our cable service.  so now we just wait until it comes out on DVD.  (or when the girls at work ruin it for me when they talk about what happened this week.)

when i was on maternity leave, i watched a lot of grey's - i am sure that the mini initially thought mcsteamy was her real dad.  i do admit that some of what i listen to is influenced by the soundtrack - there is a lot of indie-rock/alternative type songs that i love.  including this one by joshua radin.  the female voice is schuyler fisk - who, incidentally, was apparently not only joshua's girlfriend, but is also the daughter of actress sissy spacek.  allegedly, their breakup was brutal and spawned a whole bunch of bittersweet songs on the part of joshua.  ah, love!
(sometimes the songs - and the show - are so sappy it makes me want to throw up.)


Anonymous,  May 28, 2011 at 9:28 AM  

Lol...who needs Grey's Anatomy when we have our own drama's in real life? Although I miss watching Christina (you) stand up for Meredith (me)! But when Grey's is long will still...and my person!!

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