running. again.

>> Saturday, May 28, 2011

i actually have been running.  i hadn't posted about it because i was not sure if i would be able to keep it up, but i have.  and i'm pretty happy to say that i'm probably halfway to where i left off last year.  not that i'm fit or anything, but i am one of those people who do well with long bouts of drawn out cardio.  (gravity is slowly taking it's toll on my butt, i'm afraid.)

what makes it even better is that i dusted off the jogging stroller (it has been living in the trunk of my car all winter) and the mini immediately got in.  and she stays in while i run.  so not only are we getting fresh air, but we're together too.  sweet!

i am thinking that i might need to go looking for a new pair of running shoes though.  they suggest that you get new ones after logging 100 miles of running or walking - i am sure that i have had these purple and orange babies since 2005 and definitely have done more than a 100 miles.  even if it was crawling.


Anonymous,  May 28, 2011 at 10:56 PM  

Atta girl...we all knew you could do it! What a perfect way to spend time with our mini! Now I just have to get you cycling...but don't drive on the highway at night with no lights with a bad boyfriend...what was my first clue he was trying to kill me??? Pull down trees much? xoxo

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