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>> Wednesday, May 25, 2011

as of late, i've had some downtime (huh.  it feels like i've had a lot of downtime lately.  what does that mean?) to think about what i really want to do with my creative life.  (besides win the lottery and buy a tiny little cottage studio on the banks of a river)  and i'm thinking that i want to expand my metalsmithing skills.  for people who have maybe been following me, i chose a introductory metalsmithing class instead of pre-natal courses when i was pregnant.  while it was a struggle because of my temporary carpal tunnel syndrome, and the fact that my belly wouldn't let me get close enough to the table, i loved it.  and it definitely led me in the design direction i was mean to move towards.  i ordered several jewelry fabrication books and devoured them - but still find my skills rudimentary at best.  either that, or i can't seem to move past the joy of melting things.  (don't worry, i've already ruled out pyromania.)

now i feel "itchy" (not in the STD sort of way) and want to learn more.  i am in love with gemstones and feel like i want to move beyond simple bezel settings.  not that there is anything wrong with my bezels, but i feel that even though i am not sculpturally-minded, i think that i could probably handle carving a setting out of wax and casting it.  channel setting, prong setting, tension setting... yum.  i just hope that i can overcome my impatience to get to the end product to learn properly.  in my latest indigo books run, i've added tim mccreight's fundamentals of metalsmithing in the hopes of expanding my skills.

i really admire people who teach themselves how to do something and do it well.  i'm hoping to add myself to that list one day.


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