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>> Monday, January 2, 2012

for the first time in a long time, i had no pending orders to fill and nothing to pack up. i know it happens every january - the husband reminds me to not freak out when things slow down as they do at this time each year - so today, i made good use of the down time. (not to mention the potty training triumphs - YAY mini!)
 i've been working on new open hoop designs and i am proudly presenting these lovely lyrical valentine's day inspired ones.  kind of like the lovestruck doodles that you make in the margins of your notebook.  the ones in the first picture above, in warm, raw copper wire, are the first ones i made and are seriously stunning - and very much handmade.  in the second picture is a pair in warm brass - with a little nod to my wishbone earrings.  and of course, who can forget sterling silver...

and yes, i know it's early for valentine's day, but you could give these to your bridesmaids, or your mom, or your daughter....


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