holding off on the resolutions. do more of the love stuff.

>> Thursday, January 5, 2012

the artistic representation of how my legs feel right now. 
in 14K gold filled.
etsy posted a lovely article by fibre artist Cate Fitt, discussing the concept of not making new year's resolutions and instead, vowing to do more of what you love.

i had gotten into a little tradition myself of making "arts & crafts" resolutions - trying new things in order to foster my creative skills.  and while that has served me well (bookbinding! gocco printing! crocheting! cold forging!) i think that right now, i have on deck all the crafting that i can handle.  (except for that pesky learn-to-knit goal.  which i am going to meet.  sooner or later.)

so, my first "do more of the love stuff" was to incorporate more physical activity back into my life.  prior to the mini, i used to go to the gym every day.  EVERY DAY.  i'd pound out a couple of kilometers on the treadmill and then hit the weights.  but, since she was born, i let my gym membership expire and my exercise routine has mostly consisted of chasing after her and carrying her around.  while very worthwhile in an emotional sense, probably not as heart-healthy or as endorphin-pumping as a good run.  in the summer time i am more active (yay, jogging stroller!  yay, iPod!) but wintertime brings with it all sorts of other exercise-related challenges. 

our family gift to ourselves this year was a home gym set, that sits monolithically in our basement - heavy, imposing, and seriously, up to par with any gym equipment i used to use at the gym.  secretly, in spite of the financially crushing price tag, i love using it.  there is something about lifting weights that makes me feel like a stronger person, like a healthier person - and in the long run, hopefully it will add some longevity to my mortal existence on earth. 

however, as i sit here writing this blog post, my hamstrings, thighs and front delts feel like they are knotted up and thrum with the subtle pain that comes after a good workout - reminding me that yes, i did a good job, but also that i have now crippled myself.  even though the workout i did was 2 days ago.  out of shape, much?  goodness.

oh well.  it's all about doing more of what you love, right?  where are those endorphins!  now if i could just find a treadmill that would fit in the basement...


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