expensive happy accident?

>> Sunday, October 23, 2011

i don't know what i was thinking when i placed my last supply order, but when it arrived, i realized that i was now the proud owner of some fantastic, albeit super expensive, 4mm wide sterling silver wire.  gorgeously silken and shiny and smooth, the wire is heavier and more substantial than the stock i usually use.  and i haven't worked with silver this thick in width unless i've cut it myself. 

of course i made a plain band with it immediately.  (how could i not?)   and it's beautiful.  molten and almost flawless except for my signature unfinished seam.

the success of the initial band then led to the stamping experiments.  i have not been successful (at least in my mind) with using stamps because i am notoriously crooked and i don't always use even pressure, resulting in - ahem - typos.  i made two rings, one with the word "love" (of course) and the other with the word "evolve".  i oxidized the deep grooves of the letters, then threw them in the tumbler.  i wasn't 100% that i would like the finished product because of course the letters were uneven, slanted and one of the "e"s was backwards.  but when i pulled them out of the water, they were almost heartbreakingly sweet, with a definite rustic handmade feel to them.  which i LOVE.  i'm not sure if i will ever sell them in my shop, but i am almost crazy over these.  the two stamped bands are way too large for me, so i might just wear them on a chain around my neck. 

yup, i already have more wire on order.


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