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>> Saturday, September 3, 2011

 i have been blissfully off work for a week.  while it was planned vacation time, i find that it has served more of a stress leave than a vacation.  it's so amazing how spending time with your kid and family can really make the awfulness of work stress seem far away.  i know that when i go back on tuesday (yay, long holiday weekend!) things will start up again, but i'm hoping that i will be rested - and zen - enough to handle it all.  i'm thinking that september really can't be any worse than august was!

that being said, i also have been working on new jewelry offerings... i knew the time off would be good for my brain!  so check out the thick sinple 14K gold filled band (first picture) and this marvelous (if i do say so myself!) wedding ring stacking set!  matching a recycled "diamond" solitare with a beaded band and plain stacking ring, this is just fabulous.  alternative, yes.  romantic, even more so.  and an indication of more designs to come. 


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