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>> Thursday, February 2, 2012

i was having a chat with julie yesterday, lamenting the fact that i realized that some of my product photos date back to 2008.  yeah.  that long ago.  and while most of them are exactly what i want in regards to clarity and composition (in addition to great focus, awesome natural light and attention to detail), it has been nagging at me for quite a long time that my knot ring photos are not, in my opinion, up to par.  gotta keep it fresh, right?  so this week, i've been working on the knot ring photos - yesterday, i even brought my camera to the office so i could take advantage of the great light that comes through my window. 

admittedly, i am much happier with these - they show how delicate yet bright and shiny these rings are.  and yes, the knot ring is one of my best selling designs, but i wonder if the new photos will impact that statistic.  i hope so - god forbid that i get boring!


Anne-Mare @ Do Not Faint February 2, 2012 at 7:58 AM  

Now that you mention it, I was actually surprised by just how shiny my stacking rings are. I don't know if those pictures are from 2008 or if film is just not capable of capturing the shininess, but I was totally impressed when I opened the package. And still am, when I stare at them, daily.

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