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>> Sunday, November 13, 2011

a few years ago, to celebrate moving to the office closer to home (only 2kms away!!) i bought myself a little black iPod nano.  sleek and black and shiny, i anticipated walking almost every day to and from work, listening to music.  while that dream never realized itself - the job ended up being way more driving than i expected and i can count the times i walked or biked to work on three fingers (because it was 3 times - well, actually it was only 2 1/2 times because one time m saw me walking by the side of the road and picked me up in his car) - i still loved my nano and used it at the gym. 

however, over time, the nano got glitchy and the little trackball thingy got unresponsive.  then it refused to turn off, as if it was silently listening to the songs all by itself. (well, i DO make pretty awesome playlists.)  i took it in to the Apple store beneath my old office, but there was nothing they could do except adjust the backlight "time out" settings (which i could have done on my own).  finally, i just left it in the iPod dock in the kitchen, continually charging, to provide music to cook by. 

yesterday, though, i received an email stating that my little nano was recalled and that Apple would be sending out replacements to everyone who had purchased one of the flawed iPods.  apparently, the older the battery gets, the more likely it is to EXPLODE.  and for me, keeping it in the dock was not the smartest move - i suppose we could have come home to a pile of ash and soot one day.  so i signed up online and Apple will be sending me a box and instructions to mail back my old nano for replacement.  seriously, this kind of stuff never happens to me and L said i should run out and buy a lottery ticket in the hopes that the iPod luck sticks.

while the new nanos are slick and small and all techno-advanced candy coloured now, i sort of already miss mine.  i've logged a lot of kilometers on it and some of the songs that i had uploaded to it are no longer in my iTunes library.  oh well.  it's now completely wiped, restored to its factory settings, and sitting in my purse, awaiting its return trip to the great Apple graveyard in the sky.  in the meantime, i'll use the retro cool pink iPod i got off ebay and see what materializes in a few weeks.

thanks, steve jobs!  and thanks, Apple!


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