story time. or the tale of the sterling silver hoops.

>> Sunday, November 13, 2011

once upon a time, a young musician set across the country from seattle on a tour with his band.  before he left, he gave his sweetheart a set of silver hoops earrings that were his and asked her to keep them safe until his return.  after a tearful goodbye, he left her standing in the rain and promised to write.

soon after, the young musician met the real love of his life in a crowded club in a sleepy corner of texas, and, following his heart's desires, swept her off her feet, and married her.

when he returned to his hometown and to the girl whose heart he had broken, he begged for her forgiveness, asked her to give him her blessing, and for the earrings.

of course, she refused, and the young man left bereft, to continue his life with his beloved bride.

the years passed, and the young man could not get the earrings out of his mind, even though he did not regret for one moment the rest of what happened with his love life.  despite several written to his ex, asking for the earrings, she would not release them back to him.  one day, sitting at his computer, halfway across the country from his wife, he searched high and low and finally found a pair that held all the promise and shine of the pair he had lost.  he purchased the set, sent one to his wife concealed in a love letter, and kept the other for himself.  and they lived happily ever after.

(t - soon these will be on their way to you!  enjoy - and i hope that these are luckier than your previous pair!)


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