lovely sunday morning.

>> Sunday, August 21, 2011

this morning was almost luxurious - the mini was engrossed in her favorite breakfast (pancakes and maple syrup, yum) and i had some time to browse blogs.  i don't get to do it as often as i'd like, but i love the little glimpses into people - especially other crafters/artists.  i wandered along, bookmarking articles i loved and adding to my wish list. 

i'm drooling over moop's fantastic bag, pictured here:

and am so into this bandolier by cleverhands (i just can't find one to fit my tiny moleskine planner yet):

i also stumbled upon the fabulous blog of joanna goddard "cup of jo" and subsequently this lovely photostory about the legalization of gay marriage in NY.  (about time, people.)  seriously, i am a firm believer that you cannot help who you fall in love with (seriously, there were a few times where i was so in love but puzzled as to how it even came about) and really, a human being is a human being.  and doesn't the government know how much revenue, jobs and taxes can be generated just by legalizing something that shouldn't have even been unaccepted in the first place?  well, as i always say, you can't help stupid.

(that also being said, brad pitt famously said that he and angelina wouldn't get married until everyone in the world could. not that i'm a team jolie person, but live up to your word.)

i also found a similar version of my knotted up ring online (the vendor will remain unnamed) for $80.  seriously?  $80?  while lovely, so is mine.  and at $18 with free shipping, can you top that?  sometimes i wonder if i'm going about my pricing/markup/marketing all wrong.  but then again, i feel true to my handmade roots and wouldn't want it any other way. 
(think i'm going to go and make one for myself and revel in the fact that i didn't pay $80.)

 happy sunday. all!


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