happy belated canada day & early 4th of july

>> Saturday, July 2, 2011

the photo is of a pair of key rings i made a while ago from these fabulous jade soochoo stars.  i only have one left - i forget where i put the other.
we canadians celebrate our country's birthday on july 1st - and this year things were "special" because prince william and his new bride were in ottawa to kick off the festivities.  not that i'm a royal watcher or anything but it's hard to miss a royal visit like that when it's all over the internet and every media outlet.  secretly, i am charmed at the british monarchy's continued attempts at maintaining a sense of his-and-hers-royal-highnessesses but really, a cup of earl grey tea is a little more regal to me.  that being said, happy 4th of july to all of you in the US - yay for independence!  i love it that there are two very similar holidays in our neighbouring countries that include bbqs, patriotism and fireworks.


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