giving up on the wax.

>> Monday, June 6, 2011

the boys at milwaukee precision casting
so my jewelry making book came and i read up on the whole lost wax casting technique.  and for now, i think i am going to have to shelf the idea.  not only is it a complicated process, but i would need access to equipment that i not only cannot afford (unless i win the lottery or find some sort of sugar daddy) but that is also quite dangerous.  pouring hot molten metal into a tiny mold will probably result in massive injuries for accident-prone me, especially if i do it on my own.  i am one of those people who rushes through a process to get to the end product - usually with not very good results.  so i'm looking into a good wax casting course, if i can find one.  that way, i can make sure i learn properly, and don't kill myself along the way. 

i am reading up on a lot of more complex cold forging techniques - riveting, stapling, embossing - which not only is a little safer, but also a little more accessible.  but i think i'll get to where i'd like to be someday in this whole jewelry fabrication thing.  someday.


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