>> Wednesday, June 8, 2011

L's bike sitting outside our old office
the only thing (besides heartbreak and a pair of diamond earrings that we are tempted to pawn) that mr. robot left the lovely L was the joy of the bike ride.  the man was heartless, unscrupulous, and crazy demanding, but he definitely knew how to keep in shape.  i think that the whole time they were together, much of their "dates" included the gym and long, gruelling bike rides.  the guy even generously (*insert sarcastic tone here*) gave L a bike that belonged to an ex-girlfriend.  and told her so.  (goes to show how a relationship CAN put you through your paces.)

despite mr. robot's recent feeble attempts at contacting her as of late, L has kept nothing from that relationship except the newfound joy of those long rides.  the girl is a machine (not the same kind of crappy machine as mr. robot) and last weekend, biked 60K (yes, 60 f-ing K!) in a charity marathon.  to say that i am proud of her, is an understatement.  i mean, i can remember the last time i rode my bike and i barely made the 2K from my house to the office - and my butt hurt for days afterwards. 

go, L, go!  you are definitely my hero.  there's a bag of popchips with your name on it in my bag.


Anonymous,  June 8, 2011 at 9:25 AM  

xoxoxo thank you sooo much, you are my hero too...and most importantly, I ditched that dirty old ex-girlfriend bike in a dumpster last year and bought the beauty that you see in the picture...and this bike has only tried to kill me a few times, many less than the bad karma ex-girlfriend bike! I lift a middle finger to mr. robot who tried to destroy me but only made me stronger...literally, not "emotionally" Love you! L

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