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>> Wednesday, May 4, 2011

we heart sidewalk chalk!
considering myself to be somewhat artsy, i try to give the mini pens, crayons, markers and clay as much as i can.  now that she doesn't try to EAT everything, it is a lot easier - and now that she knows she can make her mark on things, she is thrilled every time we do something crafty.  when i clean the house, i find a random colourful scribbling here and there, which i take as evidence that she has some artistic leanings.

the mini and my latest obsession is making chalk drawings.  i picked up a package of crayola sidewalk chalk and we let loose on the back patio.  she LOVED it - she took every colour and made her mark everywhere - on the patio stones, the back steps... even the fence was not spared.  even though we both ended up covered in multi-coloured chalk dust, the backyard felt like it was filled with joy and expression. 

having an artist and a musician as parents, i hope that some of that rubs off on my girl.  (so that she'll become famous.  well, i can wish, can't i????)


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