he couldn't put a ring on it.

>> Saturday, May 7, 2011

my newest obsession - whisper thin 14K gold filled hoop earrings.  these are tiny and so cool.  i can't stop making them.
so i'm working in the basement last night (yes, insomnia again, sigh.  but see what i made?) when my BlackBerry trills and a text message comes through from L.  her most recent ex (and the one she fell for the hardest) has reappeared in her life.  we had not heard from him - let's call him mr. robot - since i had a frank, heart-to-heart discussion with him last winter asking him why he could not commit to her and if he couldn't, he needed to leave her alone.  (i usually stay out of my loved ones' romantic lives but this called for extreme measures.  plus, the dude ASKED me what she wanted.)  L is pretty easy going and seriously did not want a huge committment from mr. robot - she just wanted to know that they were in a monogamous, committed dating relationship and she would have been happy.  and a diamond would have been nice too, but not required.  however, mr. robot is an admitted committment-phobe and despite the fact that, on paper, he is quite the catch, he has never been with anyone longer than a year or so, has not really lived with anyone ever, and has a notorious wandering eye.  (or two.) 

however, over the past four years, i have watched mr. robot be drawn inevitably back to L, after every fight, after every crash-and-burn, after every breakup. (he is the nastiest breaker-upper ever.  seriously.)  even after she changes her contact information (email, phone number), he somehow finds her.  because we run in similar social circles, any time mr. robot hears anything about L, or catches a glimpse of her, she gets a call at the office, or a lighthearted email.  which is what happened this time - he saw her, and once again, was a goner.

so i worry about my sweet L.  i know he is her achilles heel, her kryptonite.  she misses him but knows how hurtful he can be.  and the guy is a smooth talker, easy on the eyes, and knows how to treat a girl well - when he wants.  she has put up her boundaries, but as anyone who has ever been in love before, those can be slowly (or quickly, depending) eroded and you end up in a place you vowed you'd never be again. 

for some reason, i hear that annoying, stupid beyonce song in my head when i think of him now - 'you should have put a ring on it'.  yes, the song is tremendously vapid (you will NEVER find a link to a beyonce song on my blog), but seriously?  dude, you could have anything you wanted from L, just if you could commit just a little bit.

don't hurt her again, you jerk!  i have no problem breaking up with you again.


Anonymous,  May 7, 2011 at 8:53 PM  

I love you person :) You're definitely Team L and I am so grateful!! I don't think anyone is Team Mr. Robot!! xoxo L

Anonymous,  May 8, 2011 at 7:09 PM  

if you need Mr. Robot handled, i'd be glad to step in.
i have a bucket full of unresolved anger just looking for a place to be emptied.
just saying...

Anonymous,  May 8, 2011 at 7:24 PM  

oh... and Beyonce who?


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