the smaller, the better.

>> Sunday, April 3, 2011

you don't hear THAT everyday. (*wink wink*)  but certainly in this case, small is awesomely fabulous.  with some time on my hands this weekend, i've been working on an even smaller version of my tiny bud open hoop earring... and here it is!  at just over 1/4" in diameter (the other ones are about 1/2"), these are perfect for people with multiple piercings or tiny earlobes.

i've been experimenting with texture as well, and there will be a version that is hammered (similar to the original style), one that is more of a "flathead" (see picture) and then one that is perfect just as it is (like in this listing).  they photograph beautifully too.  but the best thing about these earrings?  the reclaimed sterling silver wire i have been working with to make them is pretty flawless.  it makes me feel a little virtuous to be making something that is eco-friendly as well as super stylish - and at $10, a steal as well!  want a pair????


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