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>> Thursday, April 7, 2011

i check my blackberry this morning and there are two interesting emails.  because run of the mill "spam" barely ever makes it to my inbox (you know, those ones where the subject line says "dearest one" and they want you to cash a cheque for 1 million nigerian dollars at the local ATM) i sort of assume it's legitimate.  one looks like it's from someone i know, so i open it.  i am surprised to see a carefully tailored spam email with information on gold, sterling and copper wire and where to buy it.  while informative and surprisingly relevant, definitely NOT sent by the person i know (this dude's name is "mike smith".  riiiighhht.  i'm sure that's his real name)

the second email is from a "trevor something-or-other".  now the only trevor i know is currently residing in Heaven and while i am sure God has a state-of-the-art computer facility up there, my trevor would probably be surfing for pictures of inappropriate heavenly bodies or celestially raunchy jokes and not sending emails.  however, now i'm intrigued.  i open it, and it's from a well known canadian bank (hello, BMO!) which offers small business loans to "green" businesses.  funny enough, this trevor guy goes on to write that it's from my blog that they have read that i use reclaimed and "green" materials/processes and they want to encourage small businesses in canada to continue to do that.  huh.  didn't think it made a difference to anyone but me.

i have to say i'm impressed.  spam these days (and i'm not talking about the meat product - even though i'm sure THAT'S great in it's own meaty way) have gotten quite elaborate.  i'm astonished to realize that they now have amazing high-tech ways to cyber-stalk you and may actually have useful information to send!

while i am not going to respond to mr. smith or mr. trevor, i applaud their spammy efforts.  it's nice to know that there is a spybot out there trolling my blog and all of this that i write.  ;)  pass the SPAM, please!


Joanie April 7, 2011 at 7:47 AM  

Mmmm. I love me some fried spam. Gotta try it Cy!

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