blackberry. love. and hate.

>> Sunday, March 6, 2011

i love my blackberry curve. i don't know what i ever did without it. i panic when i misplace it (and unfortunately put it on silent.) i love that it's a one stop shop for all my social networking/emails. i love it when the notification goes off for BBM and text messages. i love the way it sits on my desk and in my cup holder in the car.

however, today i hate it. i have my work email hooked up to it and i am so sorry that i checked it when it went off - nothing like angry clients ranting and raving on sundays! sometimes work anger should wait till monday. or i should turn the notification off on weekends. or i should gain the self-control NOT to check. sigh.

sometimes i miss the days when "blackberry" only meant you were talking about the fruit.

(thank you to the lovely bigbeanphotos for being so awesomely talented - that's their photo above!)


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