The Joy of Metal... and Overcoming Crafters' Block

>> Saturday, January 24, 2009

i shared last week my frustration with my carpal tunnel and my metalsmithing class... well, this week was MUCH better! as embarrassed as i am to share the picture above, i'm showing the "piece" i completed in the first class (on the left) and the much more acceptable one on the left. yes, i know we were learning the basic techniques of sawing, piercing and filing - but i was kind of disappointed to come home with the little rectangle. i showed it to the husband, who gave me a sweet little look of pity and said that he could probably do that. (how supportive!) he also said that the little squiggle in the middle - my attempt at piercing - looked like a - *ahem* - sperm. i suppose it does.
anyway, this week, we starting working on our first official project, which is a pendant in brass or copper. i chose a simple heart design - both in tribute to my favorite holiday, Valentine's Day, and to keep my frustration level down. and you know what? it turned out much better than i thought! i wish i could have tackled something more elaborate, but figure that since i'm just learning, i should try to get my technique down before i attempt to sculpt the Paris skyline in sterling silver. i don't know if i'm just more used to the pins and needles and pain in my triceps now, or if i just forced myself to push through, but i wasn't half as frustrated as i was the week before. and NO, i DIDN'T stop at McDonalds!!!!! YAY!!!

since i've started the class, i've also realized that for a while i must have been experiencing a little bout of "crafters' block". since we got pregnant, i feel that i've slowed down a little in regards to creating. the first trimester, i was so sick and tired that i couldn't THINK of new designs, much less sit in the basement and make anything, and the second trimester came with all the holidays and this carpal tunnel syndrome and all the baby excitement. i spent a lot of time (and $$$) just relisting items in my etsy shop but not really making anything new. now, i think (and hope) that the creative drought is over! i found myself in the bead store with a little basket of goodies and the latest issue of Stringing magazine, and i've been thinking about new things... such as the dragonfly necklace above! i'm really happy with it and hope that this means that i'll be back to intensive jewelry making!!!


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