Triumph and Devastation in the Garden of Good and Evil...

>> Wednesday, August 13, 2008

so we go outside yesterday morning to put out the stuff for garbage collection. the husband goes out first... and finds our one zucchini plant toppled over, and the one zucchini - the pride and joy of my little garden - partially mauled by raccoons!!!!!!!!! i immediately burst into tears. silly, i know, crying over a lost zucchini, but it was so much work just to get that one to grow!!!!

the husband quickly picked the biggest green pepper that we have growing to try to save it from the predators. (that's me posing with it above!) who knew raccoons were such fans of fresh produce?

i consoled myself by visiting two farmers' markets here in downtown toronto yesterday... and i got blissfully lost in the joy of browsing the little booths and choosing items for dinner! i also learned a valuable lesson in the world of small business... i was wearing one of my swarovski wire wrapped rings, and one of the ladies from the bakery booth asked for my card! and of course i didn't have any. not a one. at least i had paper and pen... but i think i've learned to carry them with me everywhere! you never know when you might stumble on a prospective buyer! and no never know... maybe one day i'll be peddling my wares at the market too!

i also found a pretty fabulous link to the toronto farmers' market network here at - the photos are great and the information is pretty valuable. i know it's a little silly, but i felt a little bit connected to these food artisans! of course, my little garden isn't anywhere near being a farm, but just growing my own organic, pesticide-free vegetables and being able to eat them is a real joy.

the husband and i talked about the possibility of one day owning a little piece of land somewhere a little bit out of the city, growing our own food, milking our own cow, showing our future kids how to make soap... sigh! in the meantime, we settled for sharing some fresh ontario peach cobbler (homemade by me!) made with organic brown sugar and wildflower honey. nothing better.


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