adventures in soapmaking... and a total lip BOMB.

>> Sunday, August 10, 2008

i bought some wonderful soapmaking supplies this week! i have been kicking around the idea of making my own soap for a while now, and have been doing some reading and research! before heading into the world of lye and water and possible explosions, i decided to try some amazing soap bases for melt and pour - and here are the results. i have two small batches of two types of soap - peppermint earl gray castile soap, and lavender goat's milk! they are curing as we speak and i am so excited to try it! maybe this will be a new direction? hmmmmm...
on the heels of my relatively successful soapmaking venture, i decided to try another batch of lip bomb. well, that's exactly what it was. A BOMB. the mistake i made was not measuring properly. and adding too much shea butter. it was like trying to swipe a crayon across my lips! oh well. at least it left a fabulous minty afterglow... lucky for me, my fellow etsian, salsagal ( took proposed a fabulous idea to donate them so we're going to do that! thanks, salsagal for the awesome idea... and for stopping me from throwing 20 tubes of bomb into the garbage!!!!!!!
i wonder else i can ruin today... :) hey, at least i knocked another crafting resolution off my list!


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