walk off the earth.

>> Saturday, January 5, 2013

yes. guilty as charged. i haven't been keeping up with the blog much lately, mostly because every day has started to blend into the next and chasing after a toddler and a newborn is pretty time consuming. however, in my never ending quest for new music, i stumbled upon an article on twitter about a local canadian band called Walk Off the Earth, who's cover of Goyte's somebody that i used to know was the 2nd most viewed video on youtube in canada - second only to the vapid, tongue-in-cheek "gangnam style".  (m - i am not even going to link it here because i know you've already seen in a million times)

being a sucker for cover versions, i have to admit that i'm loving these guys - AND they are talented to boot.  not everyone can make maroon5 seem edgy and cool. 

and here i thought nothing good could come out of burlington. 


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