>> Wednesday, September 12, 2012

i am not a huge fan of the "concept album" - yes, i know there have been some very epic ones in the vaults of musical history but i'm not entirely sold on them.  (sorry, honey, "the wall" still kind of eludes me)  however, the mini and i have been watching music videos sometimes and she tends to like the ones that have a story to them - including the latest ones from marianas trench that were released in the wake of their "ever after" concept album.  and i have to say, i quite like them too.  probably because of the storybook quality to the videos, and josh ramsay's beeseeching lost-boy hero expressions, the mini makes up stories to go along with the song. 

hmmm.  whatever works, right?  so we leave you with the exploding mercedes-benz and lyrical stylings of the boys on "fallout".


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