gah. time is passing, isn't it???

>> Sunday, April 8, 2012

i just brought back my classic intertwined rings and realized that the original ring (and photos) were made when we still lived in our old house, over three years ago!  and then i realized that i hadn't posted anything here on the blog for over a week.  *insert smack to the forehead/wicked spanking right here*

i have to admit that i have been going through a little bit of a slump here lately, and haven't been feeling the best.  i also haven't been very inspired in the last little while, which is totally related to the fact that it is fiscal year end at the office and my day job has pretty much soaked up most of my energy and get-up-and-go.  the artist part in me gives the tired part of me a browbeating daily, but i am too exhausted to protest.  today, the easter candy sugar overload has also crashed my fuel tank to below empty.  yup, hoppy easter to ME.

the weather is getting better, however, and things seem to be lightening up on the work front.  the mini's 3rd birthday is on the horizon - yup, THREE! and spring finally seems to have settled in.  i am hoping that it will bring some inspiration as well. 

(BTW - the daily dose is also off to a rockin' start and julie and i have gotten an awesome rhythm - you NEED to check us out here.)


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