>> Monday, June 20, 2011

i realize that i am scared of many things.  starving.  drowning.  being fired.  losing my eyesight.  losing my hearing.  my parents' dying.  being homeless.  the mini being abducted.  living beyond my means.  makes me feel a little trapped at times.

so i try to do something that scares me - at least once every day.  helps keep that fear away.  even if it's something small like driving at 160 kms/hr, or having a boston cream doughnut.

this song is on repeat right now in my car.  just love it - that albert hammond jr. dude really knows how to write a good pop song... a little bit of a 50's throwback with the bittersweet spritely-ness of really great britpop.  and fantastic lyrics to boot.   (now if he'd just shave his head... yeah, i know, i have a thing for shaved heads.  so sue me.)


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