the end of 2010.

>> Friday, December 31, 2010

in the couple of minutes i have before the mini wakes up and i have to get ready to go to the office, i'm scrambling to finish up a jewelry order, eat something (three day old leftover pasta), take my vitamins and blog. priorities, right? and being the last day of the year, i kind of feel like i have to say something to mark the end of 2010. i've learned a lot - about life, about mommyhood, about the astronomical rise in the cost of precious metals. (oh why did i not buy silver when it was $15 an ounce?????)
i'm not going to make any resolutions (because resolutions are always meant to be broken), but instead, i'm going to make some promises to myself. promises that i hope i can keep.
- i am going to promise to try to run more when the weather gets better. (couch to 5K - here we go again!)
- i am going to promise to carve out some quality "me" time during the week.
- i am going to promise to try to cook more at home - mainly because the husband and the mini seem to love my cooking the best. (what a compliment!)
- i am going to promise to try to not be so hard on myself. (so what if the mini is still breastfeeding sporadically? studies show that it helps attachment!)
- i am going to promise to try to say "no" once in a while. helps me not get overwhelmed.
- i am going to promise to try to spend more time watching the world go by instead of trying to catch up with it.
- i am going to promise to make the time to kiss my husband more.
- i am going to promise to spend more time just cuddling the mini. she is growing so fast that before i know it, she will be stealing my car to meet up with her boyfriend.
- i am going to promise to be more grateful for the wonderfulness in my life - especially the people who have helped my little etsy business grow!
- i am going to promise to figure out how to be more organized. especially with my workspace here at home. it's a disaster
and yes, i will promise to buy precious metal when the price is low.
happy new year, everyone! see you next year!


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