so long muffin?

>> Sunday, September 19, 2010

my muffin top logo was a drawing that started on a kelsey's napkin while i was dinner with my friend felicia (one of my earliest jewelry models!). i am so attached to it, but i find myself more and more these days wishing that i hadn't named my business "muffin top". to me, it now sounds frivolous and trendy - which is what my first jewelry designs were meant to be. actually, the whole idea of selling my designs was kind of a pipe dream at the time. now, over three years later, i am hoping that my work is classically rustic and organic, and i fear that the little muffin doesn't "say" that. over time, my marketing materials have become more streamlined, which, in my opinion, leaves my little muffin logo sadly lacking.

so, in the next few weeks, i think i just might be rethinking the little muffin and replacing it with something else. right now, i'm not going to do anything about the name "muffin top designs" - all of my business paperwork is in that name and changing it all just gives me a headache - but i think i might just put my little muffin to bed. or not.


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